The Ivy, Cambridge

The Ivy, Cambridge

The Ivy – Cambridge

3rd April 2018

A rare day without DS and we decided to book a table at The Ivy, Cambridge. Having read a few reviews online I had mixed feelings about what it might be like.

We arrived at 1:30pm and were greeted by two very friendly ladies in the lobby. They took our bags and coats and gave us a ticket so we could collect them later. This was great, the times I’ve walked into a restaurant after buying up half of Cambridge and there is nowhere to put all your loot. We were then taken to our table and given our menus to browse.

The interior and design of the restaurant is beautiful, it was a breath of fresh air with regards to Cambridge restaurant décor. Light and airy and very spacious.

Our waitress came back a few minutes later to take our drinks order and let us know of a couple of things that weren’t available. She was very polite and seemed to have a good knowledge of the menu.

We ordered salt-crusted sour dough bread and truffle arancini to share – we were quite hungry but I was determined to have pudding too! 😊 I opted for cod goujons with tartare sauce and thick cut chips, J had The Ivy’s shepherd’s pie. What can I say, all of it was absolutely scrummy! So flavoursome and left you savoring each mouthful. I was quite relived in a way, I wanted it to be good and boy it didn’t disappoint. The sour dough bread was particularly nice and it was warm which is always a big tick for me.

The atmosphere was relaxed with plenty of chatter from other tables filling the room. We felt very comfortable and we didn’t feel at all rushed.

For dessert I ordered vanilla ice cream with hot salted caramel sauce. It was so delicious my mouth is watering as I type. Yes, I will definitely have that again. J had the Trinity College burnt cream, it was suitably creamy and tasted delicious, I think J wished he’d had the ice cream though 😊


We had tea and coffee and were left to enjoy them in peace without being rushed. The table next to us were on their pudding when we arrived and after we’d had starters, mains and puddings they were still there chatting. Being a weekday lunchtime I don’t think they were too concerned how long we took but I imagine in the evenings or at the weekends it would be slightly different.

The ladies toilets were as tastefully decorated as the main restaurant. You have to go down steps and through a long walk way and that’s an experience in itself. I felt like I was on a cruise liner, I even said that to a chef that was walking past and he laughed with me.

We enquired with the manager about the private dining room and he was more than happy to show us and give us all the details. It seats up to 16. To be honest, once inside the room you could have been anywhere on the planet as it has no windows (shame) but it was beautifully decorated and you can guarantee the food would be lovely.

IMG_8152 (002)

Private Dining Room – The Ivy, Cambridge

A definite thumbs up from me and I’m keen to go back and try other items on the menu. Although there were a couple of babies in the restaurant at the time and they were warmly welcomed, I’m not sure it’s the sort of place for a toddler, especially not our DS anyway, not because he wouldn’t be welcome, more to do with the stress of trying to keep him in his seat in a restaurant not designed with children in mind. Best to save it for date night or a meet up with grownups 😊