Belton House

Belton House

Today we visited Belton House. I hadn’t really taken much notice of National Trust places before. I never thought I’d be a member until I was 65+ 😊

When William started to get a little more active we thought it about time we looked at places we could take him. Entry is free to National Trust Members. Check out the website for non-member entry prices here

Being local to Cambridge we’ve been to Anglesey Abbey and Wimpole Hall numerous times so we branched out to another location. Belton House is approx. one hour from Cambridge, it was a nice quick ride down the A1.

It gave William a chance to have a nap in preparation for lots of walking and playing.

The address for your Sat Nav is Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG32 2LW.


Belton House Gardens


Location wise we found Belton House very easily and the entrance was well signposted. We were expecting the usual big house and gardens and yes that box was ticked. What we didn’t realise is that there’s a huge outdoor adventure playground as well as an indoor playground with café. Perfect!

I decided we’d take a picnic as we’re all trying to eat a little healthier these days but there is also an onsite restaurant offering hot and cold food, drinks and ice-creams. We unloaded the car, slapped on the suncream and headed off on our adventure to see what we could find.

We packed the scuttlebug incase William got tired and just fancied a scoot. This actually worked out well as he scooted most of the way which meant we could get everywhere quite quickly.

We found a nice shaded area to sit and have our lunch before heading to the playground. The place is huge and there’s no shortage of places to set up your picnic.


Belton House


The outdoor adventure playground is fantastic! We were very lucky with the weather so it was dry and bright, this also meant of course that it was quite busy. There are endless wooden climbing frames, houses and slides.

There are even giant wooden musical instruments and a ride on train. The train is not free and was advertised at £1.50 per seat. William didn’t seem interested so we didn’t bother.



Belton House Drum Kit


The nice thing about the adventure playground was that the adults seemed to be having just as much fun as the kids, J and I especially liked the fact that we could go on the slides with William and enjoy it with him.

Being an only child I always feel its important to get involved and make sure he has the best time. It certainly made for an excellent couple of hours.


Belton House Adventure playpark


William started to get a little bored so we headed over to the indoor play café in the hope for a slice of cake (yes I know I said we are trying to be healthier) and a cup of tea.

Unfortunately it was full and they were giving out hourly slots. We decided to take a wander round the gardens which we are glad we did, there was lots to discover and William loved the huge fountain and the fish in the orangery.

This area is all gravelled so not very good for the scuttlebug, tantrum city when William had to walk!



We made our way back to the indoor play café and it was less busy so we got it. It’s not a ‘softplay’ and everything is wooden, William is 2.5 and quite tall but still he couldn’t climb anything without our help so if you have a little one be warned you will have to assist. As it was later in the day too, there was little choice in cakes and refreshments. We made do with an ice-cream (as you do).

One tip, you don’t have to have socks on to play but the floor was pretty sticky so bear that in mind!

In terms of facilities, there are plenty of toilets around the entire site, some even with children’s toilet seats within the main seat which are very handy. Lots of baby changing too. They weren’t the nicest toilets I have to admit, one set were pretty awful.

We didn’t go into the house itself as William can be quite a pest but I highly recommend the outdoor spaces and the of course the adventure play park, it was worth the visit just for that!


Belton House Adventure play park


One question I always ask myself is would I pay to enter if we didn’t have membership. On this occasion the answer would be yes. If you’re going to be at Belton House all day it’s definitely worth the grounds entry fee. Maybe take a picnic if you’re watching the pennies.

I hope you found this a useful review, I’ll happily answer any questions you have if you wanted to comment below.


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  1. That tree stump drum kit is fab! We got a NT membership when Little Man was a similar age – they’re great because you can just jump in the car and go somewhere without spending a fortune! Thank you for sharing this with #TriumphantTales, I hope you can join me again on Tuesday 🙂

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