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About Me… I’m Adrienne! Mummy to William and Wife to James. I’m a crazy whirlwind of life! I love anything to do with lifestyle, parenting, food, fashion, crafting and everything in between.

With nearly three years of great support from friends and family, I thought it about time I gave something back. Whether its advice or just a good laugh at my posts on what I’m discovering along the rocky road of parenting, I hope my blog helps you in some way.

William is nearly three and what an amazing little boy he is! I wouldn’t change him for the world! My husband and I couldn’t be more proud.









I’m hoping to add to my blog weekly with challenges both with parenting and juggling work as well as all the stuff I love sprinkled in between! I do hope you’ll enjoy it.

Special thanks go to my NCT mummy friends, you know who you are. Without them by my side, literally, and on our Whatsapp group, I wouldn’t have gotten through half the stuff that having a baby throws at you. For your friendships I am truly grateful xx

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